Terms Of Use
Line art

1. The result of my line art is yours to do with you as you please. You can make sigtags, premades, stationery's, web sets, etc. for free or paid, or only personal use.
2. You may NOT make tubes and sell them or give away for free unless you hava a tube licence.
3. A Link back to me would be nice for using the line art with stationery, web set etc
4. You may NOT include my outlines "as is" in ANY collection for download. They are only to be downloaded from my site.
5. Do not claim them as your own.
6. Do not edit my line art and claim as your own.
7. You may not write tutorials on them.

1. You can make premades, sigtags, stationery's, web sets etc
2.You must dress the doll bases first before selling etc.
3. You must add something to the graphics first, not just text.
4. When using any of my tubes you must link back.
6. You can not make line art with the graphics.
7. You can not resize the images.
8. You can not make tubes of my tubes.
9. Do not share my tubes and graphics in ANY way

Sig Tags
1. You may not alter or change the sigtags in any way.
2. You may not claim them as your own creations.
3. You may request sigtags with other names than your own.

Web Sets
1. You can not change anything in them.
2. Do not take the graphics from them to make other graphics.
3. Do not remove the credit link.